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Community Associations Institute Member We specialize exclusively in New Jersey Residential and Commercial Homeowner and Condominium Association property management. From 8 units to 800, all Cedarcrest Communities receive the same outstanding personalized service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! At Cedarcrest, we embrace solutions, not excuses.

The Cedarcrest Team understands Board Members are unpaid volunteers who generously donate their time for the betterment of their community. It is our daily mission to make Board Member’s jobs easier and less time consuming by providing the most informative, cost effective, and highly researched solutions. The Cedarcrest Team provides Board Members with the tools they need to make the correct, fiscally responsible decisions in the best long term interest of their Community. Learn more about us

CondoCerts was created to help you simplify the process of delivering and obtaining Homeowners Association data as needed for real estate transactions. Homeowners, click on the logo to obtain association documents.